New Inventions I Would Like To See

Do you want to make money-making new inventions? Not me. I a bit like to dream them up. Here are a number of the new ideas i might like to see created actually . I hope a reader or two will do something with them. Landline or Cell Phone

New Inventions For Outdoors

Free-standing tents without poles: the thought here is to possess two inflatable sleeves that criss-cross over the highest of a dome-style tent. Perhaps the rigidity would be insufficient for windy nights, but it’s worth a try. Make them inflatable from inside, and you’ll quickly crawl inside and out of the rain to inflate it.

Rail-runner bicycle attachment: this is often a replacement invention i would like to undertake , but one which will not be fashionable the railroad companies. Wouldn’t it’s great to be ready to bike along train tracks? they are going many places that roads don’t go. the thought here may be a device that holds the bicycle wheels on the track as you pedal along. Easy removal would be necessary, of course, for the occasional passing of a train.

Kites inflated with helium: If its been done, I haven’t seen them yet. With some lift from the helium, these kites might be flown in any amount of wind. Designed right, they might still fly something sort of a kite, and with more maneuverability if designed sort of a sport kite , with two strings. the primary prototype could be a kite with alittle helium balloon attached. If somebody makes this, I’ll buy one.

Other New Inventions

Disposable t-shirts: Dollar stores have t-shirts on the shelves, so we all know they’re getting cheap. Why not invented a line of shirts that are low-quality, but ok , and price little or no to manufacture? Sell them in boxes of 12, as “disposable clothing.” Where’s the market? those that want less laundry to try to to on long trips, or those that want to possess some cheap things to wear while doing dirty jobs.

Fast-food tube: These might be just like the tubes at bank drive-throughs, but they might need to stay level for the sake of the drinks. Using these, one slow person won’t delay the entire line at the drive-through, because there are often several lines. the purchasers send money in through this conveyor system, and obtain food back an equivalent way. Just pull up to whichever lane is empty. I’m waiting to ascertain this invention.

Magnetic painting kits: This new novelty invention would contains a flat “canvas” of magnetic material (steel?), and an assortment of the many colors of iron dust or small shavings. Just apply the metal dust carefully to make any “painting” you’ll imagine. it might be something sort of a Buddhist sand mandala, but slightly more permanent. Spray the finished painting with a “fixer,” and you’ll even hang it on the wall.

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