Tiffany Ashurian – Engaging the Community with Symphonic Music

Music has the ability to touch hearts and transport one to their happy past. It affects people in different ways, and no matter how you are touched by it, music can inspire and influence anyone anytime. It is due to the above fact that the longest and most popular orchestra, the Jacksonville Symphony in the region, has taken the onus to reach out to as many people as possible with classical and modern symphonic music in the region.

Tiffany Ashurian is an ardent lover of music and arts. She collects artwork from artists across the nation and is proud of her unique collection. When it comes to music, she is equally passionate about how it can transcend all cultural barriers and reach out to people of all ages with success.

Going back to her happy past with music

As mentioned above, the moment she listens to the sound of music, it takes her back to her past. She grew up with music and today has dedicated herself to support the Jacksonville Symphony and its endeavor to spread and lift the human spirit with music. She admires the Symphony for its efforts to encourage new talent and give them the opportunities to hone their skills in music. According to her, this is how Jacksonville Symphony is giving back to the community.

Community programs supported by The Jacksonville Symphony

The Jacksonville Symphony supports the following community programs every year-

  1. Instrument Zoo- This is one of the most popular and best music programs targeted towards the youth in Florida. Here, the Instrument Zoo introduces kids to diverse musical instruments. This helps them to know more about instruments and music but, most importantly, helps them discover their hidden talents and passion for music so that they are inspired to learn how to play a musical instrument. The Jacksonville Symphony also takes this program to students residing in Northeast Florida too.
  2. Civil Orchestra- If you have always dreamt of playing in an ensemble, you can make this dream come true with The Jacksonville Symphony. The Civic Orchestra program gives you the opportunity to play with their ensemble onstage. Here, you get the chance to play with some of the best musicians of the Symphony, along with popular and talented conductors in Florida.

The above are just some of the few musical community programs the Jacksonville Symphony offers to the residents of Florida annually. The launch and announcements of all their community programs can be obtained from their official website, she says. You will find all the details you need to become a part of these community programs and fulfill your dreams to become a skilled musician.

Tiffany Ashurian considers working with The Jacksonville Symphony to be a great honor. Music always had the ability to connect with the human spirit and uplift the mood. She says the Symphony gives aspiring musicians the unique opportunity to hone their skills so that they can become masters of the art gradually with time and spread the joys of symphonic music with success!